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But if you take advantage of customers in vulnerable positions or take part in practices like profiteering, people will notice. About 43 percent of small businesses try to handle all of their marketing in-house, many just as one-person operations. But industry leaders believe that this tactic can spread small businesses too thin and harm the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Managers can also find themselves constrained by their relationships with employees, as the saga of Apple Computer vividly illustrates. As computers became commodities, Apple knew that its continued health depended on its ability to cut costs and speed up time to market. Imposing the necessary discipline, however, ran counter to the Apple culture, and top management found itself frustrated whenever it tried to exert more control. The relationships with creative employees that enabled Apple’s early growth ultimately hindered it from responding to environmental changes. In order to succeed, every company must build strong relationships—with employees, customers, suppliers, lenders, and investors. Laura and Bernard Ashley worked diligently to win the hearts of new customers, franchisees, and investors at every step of their company’s expansion.

As this happens, the values no longer inspire, and their unifying power degenerates into a reactionary tendency to circle the wagons in the face of threats. Sadly, the transformation of strategic frames into blinders is the rule, not the exception, in most human affairs. Consider the disastrous evolution of France’s military strategy during the first half of this century.

Consumers were looking for different and healthier foods, and competitors such as Burger King and Taco Bell were capitalizing on the shift in taste by launching new menu items. McDonald’s, however, was slow to respond to the changes. Its historical strength—a single-minded focus on refining its mass-production processes—turned into a weakness. By requiring menu decisions to pass through headquarters, the company stifled innovation and delayed action. Its central development kitchen, removed from the actual restaurants and their customers, churned out a series of products, such as the McPizza, McLean, and Arch Deluxe, but they all failed to entice diners. McDonald’s is another example of a company whose routines have dulled its response to shifting market conditions.

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