Gordon Murray T.33
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Gordon Murray T.33 Supercar

Gordon Murray T33 Supercar

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), led by legendary British designer Gordon Murray (creator of the McLaren F1 supercar and several outstanding Formula 1 racing cars), has unveiled its second model, the T.33 mid-engined two-seat supercar with Cosworth’s 615 hp high-revving naturally aspirated V12.

The debut model of the British professor Murray’s own company was the flagship three-seater T.50 supercar, introduced in August 2020, in the spirit of the McLaren F1, but supplemented with several new unique technical “chips”, such as a ground-effect fan in the stern. In February 2021, GMA showed a track version of this model called the T.50s Niki Lauda, ​​and in May of the same year, a slightly less technically sophisticated and less expensive two-seater supercar was announced – it premiered last night.

The new model is called the Gordon Murray T.33, and is technically closely related to the T.50, but it does a lot differently. The T.33 is based on a carbon fiber monocoque with aluminum frames bolted to it, while the rear suspension is attached directly to the gearbox. Suspension – passive, spring, on double wishbones “in a circle”. The steering is rack and pinion, with an old-fashioned hydraulic booster that, according to Murray, gives perfect feedback. Brakes – carbon-ceramic, front disc diameter – 370 mm (6-piston calipers), rear diameter – 340 mm (4-piston calipers). The Michelin Pilot Sport 4s stock tires are 235/35 R 19 front and 295/30 R 20 rear.

Interior and exterior

Gordon Murray Supercars Engine

The interior, like the exterior, is completely devoid of frills: there is not a single touch screen and even steering column levers (the turn signals are turned on with the keys on the steering wheel). Instead of plastic in the finish, aluminum is used wherever possible. In the center of the three-section instrument panel is a large analog tachometer, all other information is displayed on two side screens. Support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone interfaces is provided, so it will still be possible to use navigation and other modern digital services. The press release does not say anything about the audio system at all (perhaps it simply does not exist). For luggage, there are three niches with a total volume of 280 liters: one is located in the front of the body, two are on the sides, in front of the rear wheel arches.

GMA produced only 100 copies of the T.33 at a price of 1.37 million pounds each (145.1 million rubles in current exchange rates), but they were all sold out before the premiere. Deliveries will only start in 2024. Assembly will take place at the Gordon Murray Group’s new headquarters in Windlesham, Surrey, UK.

Murray’s immediate plans include the development by Gordon Murray Electronics (GME) of an electric vehicle platform and a subcompact urban crossover on it. There will also be new sports cars – full-fledged hybrid or purely electric, there are no details yet.

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