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What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Rental Car

Car Rental

Yescars4u is an automotive Internet portal that combines a multifaceted and extensive database of information on cars with modern communication technologies. We gather all information up to date and try being useful to our readers. So check what you should pay attention to when choosing a car for rent.

The procedure for renting a car is very simple, but in order to make sure you are satisfied with the deal, read the material below. The first and, probably, the main advice to remember is to use the opportunities provided.

Car rental services consult their customers for free on any issues – do not be afraid to ask, clarify and even ask again in order to understand all the intricacies of the process, to understand your obligations and rights. Most misunderstandings arise precisely because users do not talk to operators or read the contract inattentively. Since car rental is an urgent service, the papers are drawn up in such a way that it does not take much time to familiarize yourself, and therefore be sure to read them.

Each company has its own rental conditions, some do not have a maximum mileage limit, others impose such requirements on customers. If you look at this fact or, using the services of a new operator instead of the old one, think that “he also has …” – you may be faced with the need to pay some compensation for the violation.

Almost all services are unanimous in that the return period cannot be extended even by ten minutes. Most likely, you will not be presented with any penalties, especially if the managers were warned about this, they will simply ask you to pay another full day of rent. But here is another curious point that it is desirable to stipulate at the time of the conclusion of the transaction. The rental fee for an additional day for which you did not sign papers may be equal to the payment for the previous day or calculated under the terms of a one-day rental. If you entered into a contract, for example, for two weeks, then in the first case, pay, for example, 8 euros (according to the terms of rental for two or more weeks), and in the second – 14 euros, because a one-day rental is approximately twice as expensive as the concluded for a long period. It is more profitable if the company, in case of a late return of the car, simply extends the contract for one day, and you can use the car for another full day.

Inspection of the Car Before Rent

Car Inspection before Rental

Since from the moment the lease is concluded, the responsibility for the safety of the car passes to you, be sure to inspect the car. Pay attention to the exterior, if you find a dent or a functional breakdown – be sure to tell the manager about it, you may be offered a replacement or include information about the presence of some defects in the contract. By the way, when returning the car, do not forget to take an inventory that the car was returned in proper condition – this is documentary evidence that you have fulfilled your obligations under the contract.

And the last, perhaps, recommendation – do not take the first car that comes across, because it may not be suitable for your purposes. Managers of any car rental service will tell you which car is worthy of attention. Better yet, start choosing a vehicle a few days before the date you need it. Call the rental service or check out the list of cars on the Internet and look for information about those cars that you liked the most. The car rental service, as a rule, is built on the principle of three groups that differ in class, but are similar in functionality. That is, you can be offered a family car of an elite class, medium and economy, and in the same way, three cars for moving around the city, etc.

As you can see, the car rental service is really simple and uncomplicated, and for everything to be fine, read the papers that you are given to sign. Good luck with your rental!